We are a team of experienced orthopaedists and kinesitherapists and our primary concern is the patient and all his/her problems. Based on particularities, we establish a personalised treatment plan for each of our patients.

We are providing you with a list of special prices for the examinations and investigations specific of the Departments of Cardiology and Orthopaedics. The prices listed are minimal and are strictly informative. For other investigations, please contact our physicians.

We are providing specialty examinations and check-ups in the cardiology and cardiovascular health centre. In the same day you will be examined and will undergo all the necessary investigations that allow the correct diagnosis and the adequate treatment.

Tell us, where does it hurt?
Tell us, where does it hurt?

Please use this dummy to show us where you feel pain and we will tell you which are the most common conditions that occur in the selected area and which are the recommended procedures.

*These materials are strictly informative and therefore the diagnosis must be confirmed by a physician after a rigorous examination.

 Please select the area that hurts on this dummy!

Promotions for patients

In this medical field, our patients’ health and smile are our first priorities. This is why we are offering our patients a series of special promotions for medical investigations that are specific of the Department of Orthopaedics and Cardiology. We invite you to discover them!

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