Our mission is to contribute to saving human lives and to free people from the suffering caused by illness, through our constant battle against cardiac and orthopaedic conditions. We also aim to provide a quality equivalent to the state medical system and to stop the exodus of the Romanian physicians abroad. Our entire activity is governed by a set of values that reflect our mission.


CLINICCO Private Hospital is well known in Romania for its Centre for Interventional Cardiology,Cardiovascular Surgery and for its modern Clinic of Orthopaedics.

Instant access to a team of professional doctors

Modern surgical and anaesthetic techniques

Strict hygienic standards

State of the art implantable devices

Exceptional hospitalization and comfort standards

Well trained medical staff at your service

Continuous monitoring of patient status

European health care standards at just costs

CLINICCO Hospital operates under the following authorised structure:

Cardiology 5 beds
Interventional Cardiology 27 beds
Cardiovascular Surgery 18 beds
Anaesthesia and Intensive Care 10 beds
Day patients 4 beds
TOTAL 64 beds
Orthopaedics and Traumatology 11 beds
Neurosurgery 5 beds
Anaesthesia and Intensive Care 4 beds
Day patients 3 beds
TOTAL 23 beds

Our medical results are some of the best in the country and they are monthly analysed by the professional organisations in the field: the National School for Public Health and Medical Management and the Romanian National Registry of Endoprosthesis Implantation.

We have signed an Agreement with Brasov County Health Insurance Fund for hospitalisation services and for the National Health Programs and the secondary programs: percutaneous dilatation (contract value in 2015: 178,000 lei), cardiac pacemaker implantations (contract value in 2015: 184,000 lei) and endoprosthesis implantation (contract value in 2015: 726,000 lei).

Clinicco had been certified according to the SR EN ISO 9001: 2008 quality standard by the SC SIMTEX international consulting and certification company. SR EN ISO 9001: 2008 is an international standard that regulates the manner of organisation and management of a company’s activity (it also applies to companies that provide medical services) and that insures that services are rendered in accordance with the clients’ requirements and with the regulating requirements in force (laws, national and international norms).

CLINICCO Hospital is equipped with high performance medical devices and equipment:

  • Cardiac stress test devices
  • EKG Holter
  • BP Holter
  • Counterpulsation pump
  • Electrophysiology laboratory
  • Continuous passive motion machine for knee
  • Dual Neurosurgery operating microscope
  • Arthroscope
  • Radioscopy equipment
  • Mobile Radioscopy equipment
  • Mechanical ventilation machines
  • Anaesthetic machines

Discharged patients


Exams performed


Paraclinical exams