Donate blood! Together for life

In September, the Clinicco Cardiology Hospital started the „Heart Month” campaign, comprising several humanitarian actions meant to make the public more sensitive to this cause and responsible.

Among these actions, the blood donation campaign was organised together with Hiperdia and the Blood Transfusion Centre in Brasov: “Donate blood! Together for life!”

On Tuesday, September 22 and Wednesday, September 23, several employees of Clinicco andHiperdia will donate blood to the mobile unit of the Blood Transfusion Centre of Brasov.

This action is dedicated to the World Heart Day (September 29th), a good opportunity to whole-heartedly organise a campaign in favour of blood donation, thus giving a chance to live to other patients in distress.

At the beginning of this month, again within the framework of the Hearth Month, Clinicco and Hospice have started a humanitarian campaign together to make society more sensitive to the health problems of the patients with incurable diseases, whether children or grown-ups. In this spirit, Clinicco shall donate and deposit in the accounts of Hospice 1.5 lei for each cardiological examination of the approximately 600 examinations that are performed in the specialty ambulatory clinic in 8, Scolii Street.