Located in the centre of Brasov City - "probably the best city in the world", Clinicco private hospital is equipped with state of the art machines, instruments and techniques. At the beginning of 2009 it was already offering high quality services in important medical fields. The Departments of Orthopaedics and cardiology, offer their services to patients from Brasov County and from all around the country.

When you talk about Clinicco, you talk about the excellence of services, health, movement and vitality. Our professional team is made up of renowned physicians with important internships in national and international university centres.

With the modern medical equipment and the surgical techniques of our consultants, all our medical procedures represent a success. Pain therapy is an important objective in the treatment of our patients; controlling pain is the responsibility of the surgeon-anaesthesiologist team that does its best to offer postoperative comfort to the patient.

Due to the best quality materials and implants that are produced by world renowned companies, we have performed over 3500 orthopaedic surgical interventions in the last few years, including:

  • hip and knee replacement
  • hip and knee revision surgeries
  • joint arthroscopy (knee, shoulder, ankle)
  • ligament reconstruction
  • surgical and orthopaedic reductions of fractures and sprains
  • corrections of toe deformations
  • tumour excisions etc.

In our outpatient facility we have consulted over 15,000 patients whose health issues have been solved by our consultants.

The hospital also has a Medical and sports centre , where admitted patients who have underwent an orthopaedic surgical intervention can benefit from specialised assistance in order to regain the functionality of their musculoskeletal system and their motor capacity.

Patients who have undergone an orthopaedic intervention are not the only ones in need of recovery; those who have underwent cardiovascular, neurological or neurosurgical interventions also require recovery activity. The modern recovery techniques used by our consultants lead to an early recovery of the musculoskeletal system.

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