Maestro Costache Babii has received a free cardiac stimulator from Clinicco Hospital of Cardiology of Brasov

Maestro Costache Babii, actor at "Sica Alexandrescu" Theatre and honorary citizen of Brasov has received a free cardiac stimulator from Clinicco Hospital of Cardiology of Brasov.

The actor was operated on Thursday, June 18, at Clinicco Hospital of Cardiology by Sorin Micu, Cardiologist and Doctor of Medical Sciences and the intervention was a success. Maestro Costache Babii was in urgent need of a stimulator, since without it, his life was in danger. In May, his colleagues started a campaign to raise funds in order to help him acquire this stimulator, funds which the maestro did not have to use anymore. Today, Costache Babii received a visit from journalists and tomorrow he will be discharged, since his health status is stable.

"I was told that it is an easy intervention, but it wasn’t so. It was difficult, but the doctors and the entire personnel were incredible; I am unable to express how grateful I am for their act", stated Costache Babii. "I feel good now and I will even be allowed to get back on the stage; however, before the surgery my pulse was 30 beats per minute and the doctors were asking me if I was still alive.

According to Marius Cisar, one of the big-hearted actors that was involved in the humanitarian campaign for Costache Babii, the story began on the last day of the Comedy Week festival, when a Clinicco representative was in the theatre hall and heard about the campaign initiated by the actors to help Costache Babii get the surgery. A few days later, the representatives of Clinicco Hospital of Cardiology contacted the maestro to inform him of their decision to perform the surgery free of charge.

"The surgery went fine and the maestro is safe", stated Sorin Micu, Cardiologist and Doctor of Medical Sciences, the doctor who performed the surgery. "We are extremely honoured to have had the privilege to offer him a state of the art cardiac stimulator with NMR, free of charge, with the support of the Health Insurance Fund. In my opinion, on Monday, the maestro can get back on the stage. It was not only the stimulator that was offered free of charge by Clinicco Hospital of Cardiology, but also the entire surgery.

In 2012, Costache Babii received the title of honorary citizen of Brasov City. He made his first appearance in 1967 in the Theatre with the role of Osvald from the play "Ghosts" by Ibsen. Since then and until 2006, when he masterfully played his final role, as Gaev in Cherry Orchard" by A.P. Cehov, he has played tens of roles, either in dramas or in comedies, for which he was awarded the Excellence Award by UNITER (the Romanian Theatre Union).