The 7 o’clock appointment with my patients

The "7 o’clock appointment with my patients" is an event that brings together former patients of Clinicco Hospital of Cardiology and the physician who cured them in a relaxing space, outside the hospital for a chitchat together with some dear friends.

We are very happy and proud of the first meeting and this, we hope, has been the first of a large number of future meetings with Dr. Narcis Filipescu and some of his patients. We are looking forward to seeing our patients together with their families and to finding out how they feel and thank them very much for having chosen Clinicco.

We talked and enjoyed a most agreeable evening together, we tasted some good wine and had a healthy and flavorsome meal. It was a warm evening, filled with smiles, gratitude and health hearts. We thank our patients for having accepted the invitation and for having met us. We wish to continue this beautiful project dedicated to the patients.

We hereby thank Dr. Narcis Filipescu for his openheartedness to his patients. It goes way beyond the doors of the operating room! The 7 o’clock appointments with the patients will go on!